Are you interested in buying a home, but are unsure about the process?  Do you need information on budgeting, credit, or getting a better handle on your finances?  SEMMCHRA is now offering Homebuyer Education Classes, One-on-One Pre-Purchase Counseling, & Financial Wellness Training.

Homebuyer Education provides opportunities to talk with industry professionals and to learn the steps in the homebuying process.

One-on-One Pre-Purchase Counseling provides participants with the opportunity to work with a counselor to review their personal financial situation as they decided on a mortgage product and shop for a home.

Financial Wellness is geared toward individuals who are looking to get a better understanding of how to manage their finances, pay down debt, increase savings, or improve/repair their credit.

Whether you are trying to buy a home or just get on better financial footing, SEMMCHRA’s Financial Wellness and Homebuyer Services can help!

For more information on these programs visit or contact Tressa at (651) 565-2638 ext. 204 or email  This is an equal housing opportunity program.