City of Kenyon awarded $576,250 in Small Cities Development Program Funding for Housing & Commercial Rehabilitation

The City of Kenyon has received $576,250 in Small Cities Development Program Funding that will provide funding for 15 owner-occupied residential rehabilitation projects.  The funding is available to residents in a targeted area.  Financing for the owner-occupied housing rehab activity is in the form of a 10-year deferred loan.  Qualified homeowners will be served on a first come, first serve basis.

Qualified owner-occupied residents who meet established income limits (2017 income limits are:

1 person – $42,300; 2 people – $48,350; 3 people – $54,400; 4 people – $60,400; 5 people – $65,250) are eligible to receive assistance for necessary repairs to their home.  Eligible improvements include health and safety, energy efficiency, and accessibility improvements.

Additionally, the funding will assist 5 commercial property owners in the commercial targeted area (Properties located immediately north and south of County 12 Blvd./2nd St. from Spring St. and Red Wing Ave.) in rehabilitating their commercial properties.  Eligible improvements include exterior improvements to improve exterior appearance, health and safety improvements, energy efficiency improvements, code violations, and accessibility improvements.

For more information on targeted areas and eligibility requirements or to apply for the program, please contact Tressa Sauke at SEMMCHRA at (651) 565-2638 ext. 204 or email

This is an equal housing opportunity program.