Financial Wellness is a program designed to assist individuals in taking control of their finances and helping them to achieve their long term financial goals. Do you have:

  • A Low Credit Score
  • Trouble Paying Bills on Time
  • Trouble Paying for Necessities
  • High Debt
  • No Savings

If any of these things are true, you may benefit from SEMMCHRA’s Financial Wellness program.  Financial Wellness participants receive advice and coaching on how to:

  • Read and Review Credit Reports
  • Increase Credit Scores
  • Make a Monthly Budget
  • Set Up a Savings Plan
  • Efficiently Pay Down Debt
  • Set Financial Goals

To register for Financial Wellness, please click on the link in the sidebar.

Please Click Here to Register for Financial Wellness

For more information about Financial Wellness, please contact:

Tressa Sauke
Self Sufficiency and Homeownership Coordinator

134 East Second Street
Wabasha, MN 55981

  • 651-565-2638 ext. 204

  • 651-565-3836