Single Family Home Rehab

SEMMCHRA has funds available to assist homeowners with rehab projects across Winona, Wabasha, Goodhue, and Dodge counties. Currently, SEMMCHRA has open funding sources in the cities of West Concord, Claremont, Goodhue, Dennison, Goodview, Kasson, Lake City, Pine Island, St. Charles, Wabasha, Rollingstone, Altura, Mazeppa, and Cannon Falls.

The goal of these programs is to preserve current housing stock, enable adults to age in place, provide safe, affordable housing for all, and increase a home’s energy efficiency.

Eligibility Requirements

Income:  A household’s income must be at or below 80% of the area median income (AMI). This limit fluctuates from county to county and depending on your household size.

Residence: The property being rehab must be the primary residence for the household.

Property: The property must be real property i.e. land or building structures intending to be permanent. Unfortunately, mobile homes are ineligible.

Financials: A homeowner must be up to date with their taxes and mortgage payments. The home must have adequate insurance to cover the value of the home plus the value of the renovation.

Complete eligibility is determined through a full application.

Eligible Work

Eligible work includes improvements towards health and life safety, accessibility, and energy efficiency. Common work items may be new roofing, windows, electrical, and exterior doors; updates to make your home more energy efficient such as a modern furnace or water heater; or you can make your home more accessible with the installation of grab handles, ramps, or a first-floor bathroom.

Financial Structure

The financing is structured as a 0% deferred, forgivable loan. This means there are no monthly payments, no interest will accrue, and if the loan term is seen to maturity it turns into a grant.

The intention of this financial structure is to put the least amount of burden on the homeowner while ensuring the preservation of a unit for as long as possible.


The first step in getting started is to fill out an interest form or contact Patrick or Sara at (651)565-2638 ext. 213 (Patrick) or ext. 221 (Sara) or and

Following that, a full application will be mailed to you. There are a number of items required from an applicant to complete the full application. Staff are willing and able to help answer any questions so please reach out if clarification is needed.

After eligibility is determined, SEMMCHRA’s Rehab Specialist will do an initial inspection to identify work that is eligible and needed. Then the homeowner and SEMMCHRA staff will work together to identify the work to be done and a budget for the project. Please note that due to funding guidelines there may be some work that is mandatory for the project and all projects must complete an environmental test.

After the budget is determined and loan paperwork is finalized, the next step is bidding. The project will be competitively bid on, and contractors are selected by the homeowner and SEMMCHRA staff. Once selected, the contractors and homeowners sign a contract and work can begin.

Upon completion of the work, the Rehab Specialist will do a final inspection ensuring all work was completed. Then SEMMCHRA can disburse funds to the contractor.

To download a copy of the full Housing Rehab Program application, please click the application box below.

For more information about Housing Rehab in Pine Island, Goodhue, or Dennison


For more information about housing rehab in West Concord, Claremont, Goodview, Kasson, Lake City, St. Charles, Wabasha, Rollingstone, Altura, Mazeppa and Cannon Falls


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